How to Secure the Fundraising Process with Malipo Circles

Malipo Circles

With the increasing number of fundraising activities, people are now looking for alternative and more efficient ways of storing and managing contributions.

Malipo app, which is a product of Malipo Circles Limited is becoming increasingly popular among fundraising circles. It is preferred for its efficiency in the fundraising process. Gone are the days where you are abruptly added to random WhatsApp groups and send funds to people you are not aware of their financial stewardship.

From the comfort of your home, you can download the Malipo app and create a fundraising circle with as many people as you want for the specific purpose you want i.e., funeral, weddings, graduation, etc.

Most people are concerned about whether the money they raise is being kept safely or will disappear. Malipo app ensures will bridge this insecurity gap as the raised money is deposited in a trust account regulated by NCBA bank.

The app is preferred mostly because of its record-keeping efficiency. Gone are the days where you write down on a book; who contributed and how much they contributed. With almost everyone having access to a smartphone, the app acts as a mobile banking app complete with records to show who contributed and how much they contributed. It also supports pledges of different kinds not only money but also time and services

These records also help inaccurate calculations of the total amount of contributions.

Once you register for the app, the accumulated contributions are only accessible by chosen officials. This ensures that few people get a hold of the money and improves accountability.

However, this does not mean that members of the circle cannot see the amount of money in the account. Every member is able to see the amount of money fundraised and pledges.

Money can be sent to the app using mobile money i.e., directly from your M-Pesa, directly from your bank accounts, and even from outside the country.

Therefore, next time a random fundraising event occurs within your circles make sure to partner with Malipo circles and get the app for efficiency, accountability, and security.

Malipo app has been hailed as one of the fastest-growing solutions to a secure fundraising process not only in Kenya but the East African block.


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