Current Situation

Disadvantages of current brand/consumer connections


USSD charges can become costly to operate.


It is difficult to find a resourceful website.


Delays in relaying information to clients.

Human resource

Hiring staff can make it costly to operate.

Benefits of engagement platform through Whatsapp

    • No need to download the application on phone since users have it already increasing user adoption by 60%.

    • Ability to access several services without visiting physical offices.

    • Ability to keep transaction history without relying on SMS and requesting for them when needed.

    • Richer payment options: Suggestions (Recommendations) hence increasing sales and convenient for use.

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Big customer base

Ease of use, Anywhere

Convenient. Increasing sales


Seemless interaction

Create a seamless interactive process between Customers and brands.

Personalized experiences

Create and deliver personalized experiences between brands and customers.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Establish a unified communication channel to enhance customer loyalty.

Customer satisfaction, affordably

Ensure customer satisfaction by Brands with least cost.

Expedite decisions

Automate access to services/information to allow customers to quickly make decision calls based on real-time information

Real-time data

Allow Brands to access, analyze and action off customer data in real-time to provide better action.

Facilitate interactive conversations

Facilitates interactive conversations between brands and customers.

Build Customer Relationships

Build transformative strategies that take your relationships with customers to the next level using WhatsApp customer journey tool. Harness the full power of Interactive action-based delivery and powerful, real-time personalization to shape a customer’s journey with campaigns that listen as well as they deliver.

App Block One

To purchase electricity tokens on WhatsApp:

Send “HELLO” on WhatsApp to +254709279000 the follow as prompted.
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